Paragliding in Pakistan & Islamabad

  • Parrargliding in Pakistan


Do you want to satisfy the craving of your adventurous spirit? We are offering Paragliding in Pakistan at extremely affordable rates. Welcome aboard. There is no better way than opting for doing paragliding in Pakistan with Shaheen Adventures. And, Yes, we mean this for paragliding in Pakistan. It is the purest form of aviation and satisfies the age-old dream of a man that is flying. Shaheen Adventure Pakistan is offering personal paragliding services for the last 08 years. Paragliding is not merely a sport but it enhances you and empowers you for the rest of your life.

What Sets Us Apart ?

✓ We have experienced and competent instructions, who have trained thousands of people in the past.

✓ We don’t compromise on the safety standards, our 100% safety record speaks volumes in this regard

✓ We offer limited seats per day to allow for the highest standards of service quality.

✓ We offer international standard equipment for paragliding.

✓ One time adventure experience will leave you coming back again and again.

We offer paragliding in both forms that is solo and tandem paragliding. If you are up for paragliding in Pakistan, then we offer you the choice to opt between both forms, depending on your preference.

Solo Paragliding:

Shaheen Adventures is conducting solo paragliding in Pakistan since 2010. We offer paragliding in Islamabad, near Khanpur Lake, which is at 60 minutes drive from Islamabad. The participants first undergo a ground training session, which is immediately followed by one or two thrilling solo flights. The beginners undertake their first flights from a height of 350 feet.

Tandem Paragliding:

For those who want to fly from more height, we have the right solution. You will accompany our instructor pilot during the flight as a passenger, without any requirement of any prior ground training. Just hook up and take your flight while enjoying the blue skies like free bird. Our GoPro camera will capture your moments in the best possible manner. If you dream about paragliding in Pakistan in tandem form, then we are there to make your dreams realized.