Tandem Paragliding

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Tandem Paragliding In Pakistan

Shaheen Adventures has revolutionized paragliding in Pakistan by introducing tandem paragliding flights. In tandem paragliding, you will fly together with instructor pilot, who has the flight controls. Unlike solo paragliding, there is no requirement of ground training in tandem flights. Kids and adults (both males and females) are eligible to enjoy tandem flights and the minimum age requirement for kids is 05 years. We have developed multiple sites for tandem paragliding in Pakistan like 02 in the surroundings of Khanpur Lake, 01 near Haripur City and 02 near Kalar Kahar. The minimum takeoff point height is 1000 feet and this ensures good flight duration. The exact flight duration depends on existing wind conditions at the time of flight that can go as long as 10 minutes. Tandem rides are offered daily on venues around Khanpur Lake. The seat reservation is regulated on first come first serve basis and is subject to advance payment. If you want to enjoy Paragliding in Pakistan and especially near Islamabad then book your tandem flights as a family or group. Our GoPro cameras will be there to capture your inflight moments and will be shared with you on demand. We are going all out to develop further venues so that paragliding in Pakistan also becomes accessible to people from other provinces.